Every year from August 15th to 21st the streets of Barcelona’s Gràcia neighborhood come alive with decorations, people, vendors, and live music for La Festa Major de Gràcia. Each street gets together, picks and theme, and decorates to compete for the prize of best-decorated. This year’s themes ranged from the Jungle Book to Space Scenes to Farm-Life to Bugs-Life-esque views.

A little background on Gràcia, the neighborhood is home to a bohemian and ethnic population with the highest concentration of foreign restaurants in Barcelona. Until the late 19th century, this now close-knit community was an independent town and remains a less touristy destination within Barcelona. To this day residents of Gràcia remain fiercely proud of their roots and will say they are from Gràcia before they say they’re from Barcelona.

If you find yourself in Barcelona in mid-August hang with the locals and experience La Festa Major de Gràcia for yourself. Walk down the streets and be blown away by the creativity and detail the residents pour into their decorations.



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