Alexis Johnson
Anna Nguyen
Anna is currently building up her global exposure and acquire expertise and knowledge in areas of Global Governance regarding Digital Technology and Innovations, Sustainable Development and International Relations. Anna was an ex-management consultant, working on projects around Asia Pacific region. She specialises in digital transformation, digital strategies, and innovation.
Ash Colebrook
Becca Searns
A 12-year hockey player, I've already found a rink in every country on our trip. When I'm not hunting for ice, I'm putting my skills to work as a UI/UX designer and founder of Artio Designs. I'm the youngest remote in our group and a recent grad of RIT's MBA and New Media Design programs.
Christie Armstrong
Erica Nadboy
This is a test.
Erin Bach
Austin, Texas
I am a digital marketing strategist breaking free of the "9-5" agency desk job. I chose Remote Year because...why not? I love hiking, running, reading, beer, film and experiencing new cultures.
Inbal Shaked
Kelly Barnard
Lizzie Leeds
Mike Rivers
Paul First
Praachi Raniwala
Rachel Novosad
Sadie Teper
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Graphic designer, cheese enthusiast, wine lover, forever traveling.
Stacey Trimmer
Stephanie Nunez
Sydney Morgan
Washington D.C.
I’m an introverted, sometimes socially awkward 20-something content strategist who constantly works to step out of my comfort zone. My blog, Anxious Abroad, shares tips on how to travel and thrive with anxiety and depression. I love to read, do yoga, listen to podcasts, make and drink cocktails, and write about my two passions: travel and mental health.
Tara Ezer
Yin Zhu